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What people say about Joe . . .

Mr. Tovar's training on roles and responsibilities in the planning process was engaging and pragmatic. His presentation was full of practical, common sense advice. The feedback from the City Council and Planning Commission members was unanimously positive.
David Osaki, Planning Director, City of Monroe

Mr. Tovar did a thorough and effective job in making the case for our application to amend Bellevue's zoning. His presentations to the City were clear, persuasive, and ultimately successful."
Nina T. McKay, Owner, Tsai Family LLC

Joe embodies the intellectual rigor, appetite for innovation and spirit of public service that the communities he has served value highly. He can verbally capture the essence of complex and challenging subjects, while still helping others to feel heard."
Kamuron Gurol, City Manager, City of Burien

“Joe is the best at what he does. He is an inspiring speaker with a profound knowledge of comprehensive planning and the Growth Management Act. He has a gift of explaining complicated ideas and policy choices in ways that are easy to understand."
Joan McBride, former Mayor, City of Kirkland

Joe is simply the best planner and the best advocate for the well-reasoned idea. He is fair, creative, and empathetic. He is a man of vision and integrity.
Dan Eernissee, Economic Development Manager, City of Shoreline

Joe is a “planner’s planner” - he has the experience to identify the best approaches to resolving today’s problems and has the vision to understand how today’s decisions will impact the future.
Andy Lane, attorney, Cairncross and Hempelmann

I have long respected Joe Tovar’s grasp of comprehensive planning and growth management. When Kitsap County needed a fresh look at concerns with our comprehensive plan, his strategic advice was insightful, practical, and valuable.”
Charlotte Garrido, Kitsap County Commissioner

“Joe’s presentation about the GMA and comprehensive planning helped give our city officials the background that they need in order to undertake the update process.  His knowledge and expertise in this area is far superior to other trainings I have attended.”
Ryan Larsen, former Planning Director, City of Anacortes

In my 18 years as a city manager, without a doubt, Joe Tovar is the most creative, visionary, and innovative planning professional I have known. He is a highly ethical individual who works well with citizens, professionals and elected officials alike.
Terry Ellis, former Kirkland City Manager

"Joe Tovar is a leader and an innovator in the field of planning. Watching Joe help to make Kirkland the thriving community that it has become and laying the foundation for Shoreline to develop a more compact and livable community center has been an outstanding education."
Paula Reeves, City of Tumwater Planner

Our neighborhood group worked with Joe as he led our multi-party task force in successful planning for the future use of a surplus school property. He was able to coax city and school district leaders to the table to identify common interests and forge a path forward, despite recent history of tension between the two organizations. We could not have done it without him!
Janne Kaje, Aldercrest Neighborhood Leader